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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease (MND) or Lou Gehrig's disease, is a disease that causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles. Some also use the term motor neuron disease for a group of conditions of which ALS is the most common. ALS is characterized by stiff muscles, muscle twitching, and gradually worsening weakness due to muscles. ALS is a progressive disease, which means it gets worse over time. It affects nerves in your brain and spinal cord that control your muscles. As your muscles get weaker, it gets harder for you to. ALS Technika Kft. kapacitásbővítő beruházása Doosan G30E-5 gázüzemű homlokvillás targonca 6 499 023 Ft LVD PPEB-8 220/3050 hidraulikus élhajlító 45 243 970 Ft ÖSSZESEN: 51 742 993 Ft Támogatás: 25 000 000 Ft (48.31%

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Established in 1985, The ALS Association is the only national non-profit organization fighting ALS on every front. By leading the way in global research, providing assistance for people with ALS through a nationwide network of chapters, coordinating multidisciplinary care through certified clinical care centers, and fostering government partnerships, The Association builds hope and enhances. Our scientists discover and develop potential treatments for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. Led by drug development experts and people with ALS, we are 100% focused on finding effective treatments to slow and stop this disease Gear & Clothing for every outdoor adventure. Find the best products at the best prices with our 100% satisfaction guarantee

The ALS Association is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record. We'll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease, or motor neuron disease) is a disease that gradually paralyzes people because the brain is no longer able to communicate with the muscles of the body that we are typically able to move at will. Over time, as the muscles of the body break down, [ ALS-taudin elinajanodote on noin 3-5 vuotta diagnoosista. Noin 20 prosenttia sairastuneista on elossa viisi vuotta diagnoosin jälkeen ja 10 prosenttia kymmenen vuoden jälkeen. Harvinaisissa tapauksissa ALS-potilas voi elää vuosikymmeniä, kuten fyysikko Stephen Hawking, joka sairasti ALS-tautia yli 50 vuotta

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Traynor BJ, Alexander M, Corr B, et al. Effect of a multidisciplinary amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) clinic on ALS survival: a population based study, 1996-2000. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2003;74(9):1258-1261. 6. Van den Berg JP, Kalmijn S, Lindeman E, et al. Multidisciplinary ALS care improves quality of life in patients with ALS ALS Unfiltered is a series of live presentations and candid conversations on ALS, current drug research, clinical trials, ALS resources, and more. Hosted by representatives from the ALS Therapy Development Institute ( ALS TDI ), ALS Unfiltered sessions are scheduled in a number of cities across the US during 2020 ALS veroorzaakt meestal geen pijn. De zintuigen (gevoel, smaak, zicht, reuk en gehoor) en de werking van darmen en blaas blijven bijna altijd intact. Bij ongeveer 30% van de ALS-patiënten is er sprake van lichte cognitieve problemen of gedragsveranderingen. Bij ongeveer 5% van de ALS-patiënten gaat de ALS samen met FTD (Fronto Temporale.

alsとは、脳や末梢神経からの命令を筋肉に伝える運動ニューロン(運動神経細胞)が侵される病気であり、治療方法がなく身体機能が衰えていくのが特徴的です。 2018年3月4日に亡くなった理論物理学者のホーキンス博士。 彼は生前50年以上もの間、alsという難病に侵されていました Amyotrofisk lateralskleros (ALS, även Charcots sjukdom) är en neurodegenerativ sklerotisk nervsjukdom som leder till att de nervceller som styr kroppens muskler gradvis förtvinar. Den är den allvarligaste sjukdomen i gruppen motorneuronsjukdomar.Sjukdomen orsakar tilltagande kraftnedsättning följt av borttynande muskler (muskelatrofi) och slutligen generell förlamning ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)/MND is a kind of irreversible deadly motor neuron disease (MND). This kind of degenerative disease occurred in motor nerve cells. Its progression can be very fast and leads to gradual decrease of motor nerve cells, gradual increase of amyotrophy and muscle weakness until complete paralyses

一般社団法人with alsとは、難病alsの啓発活動を通じて、治療方法や支援制度を向上させることを目的とする。また、als患者やその家族、非患者のqolの向上に貢献するコンテンツ開発を実施する団体 Amyotrofická laterálna skleróza (skratka ALS, známa aj ako Lou Gehrigova choroba alebo choroba motoneurónov) je progresívne, smrteľné, neurodegeneratívne ochorenie centrálnej nervovej sústavy, ktorého výsledkom je degenerácia a strata mozgových a miechových motoneurónov, teda buniek centrálnej nervovej sústavy, ktoré ovládajú vôľou ovplyvniteľné svalové pohyby Are and Yukis life together was totally changed when Are was diagnosed with ALS. Watch the touching moment when his kids celebrate his birthday at the hospital Advanced Life Support (ALS)- Zaawansowane zabiegi resuscytacyjne u dorosłych Cele kursu : Wprowadzenie koncepcji zespołów resuscytacyjnych. Przeszkolenie kierowników i członków zespołów resuscytacyjnych do właściwego postępowania w przypadku zatrzymania krążenia u osób dorosłych oraz okolicznościach występujących w okresie.

The path to a future free from ALS runs through you. As does the path for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Frontotemporal Dementia, and beyond. Why? Because a breakthrough for one can unlock a breakthrough for all. We will win the fight against ALS. The only question is when. The answer to that depends on you What Is ALS? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a degenerative disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. ALS is a chronic disorder that causes a loss of control of voluntary muscles ALS, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's disease, is a progressive condition with no cure. On average, those diagnosed with ALS do not survive more than a few years. However, some people can live longer. In fact, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed at the age of 21 and is now in his 70s [ Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a nervous system disease that attacks nerve cells called neurons in your brain and spinal cord. These neurons transmit messages from your brain and spinal cord to your voluntary muscles - the ones you can control, like in your arms and legs 肌萎縮性脊髓側索硬化症(英語: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ,縮寫為 ALS ),也稱為肌萎缩侧索硬化症,有時也称为盧·賈里格症(英語: Lou Gehrig's disease )、漸凍人症、运动神经元病,是一种漸進且致命的神经退行性疾病。 ALS是最常見的五種運動神經元疾病(MND)之一

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Amiotrofična lateralna skleroza (kratica ALS) ali progresivna spinalna amiotrofija (tudi Charcotova ali Lou Gehrigova bolezen) je bolezen zgornjega in spodnjega motoričnega nevrona, ki se kaže z atrofijo mišic in spastičnimi znaki, pogosto tudi z znaki odpovedi spodnjih možganskih živcev.Gre za napredujočo bolezen, ki se navadno pojavlja posamič, poznane pa so tudi dedne oblike 肌萎缩侧索硬化(ALS)也叫运动神经元病(MND),后一名称英国常用,法国又叫夏科(Charcot)病,而美国也称卢伽雷(Lou Gehrig)病。我国通常将肌萎缩侧索硬化和运动神经元病混用。它是上运动神经元和下运动神经元损伤之后,导致包括球部(所谓球部,就是指的是延髓支配的这部分肌肉)、四肢. Only five to ten percent of individuals inherit amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease, yet there is no known cause for why the other ninety to ninety-five percent don't get it.Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease that kills nerve cells eventually rendering the affected individual disabled and is ultimately fatal ALS is a relentlessly progressive disorder. The rate of progression between individuals is variable and the history generally reflects gradual and progressive worsening over time until death occurs Vad är ALS?ALS, amyotrofisk lateral skleros, är namnet för en grupp neurodegenerativa sjukdomar där nervceller i hjärnan, hjärnstammen och ryggmärgen dör. Detta leder till muskelförtvining och förlamning. Varje år insjuknar cirka 220 personer i Sverige i ALS. De flesta är mellan 50 och 70 år

De ALS Liga start met een sticker campagne, en jouw hulp is daarbij nodig! Zo kan je mee helpen ALS meer naamsbekendheid te geven én help je zonder veel moeite mee aan fondsenwerving voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek. Hoe meer mensen we in het straatbeeld kunnen bereiken in de strijd tegen ALS, hoe beter. Elke euro telt! Kleef je mee 筋萎縮性側索硬化症(als)と診断されたら、まず読んでほしい。(jalsaからのお願い)alsとはどんな病気?alsは、運動神経系が少しずつ老化し使いにくくなっていく病気です。運動神経系の障害の程度や進行速度は個々の患者さんでみな異なって

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  1. ALS is a kind of MND. It attacks the nerve cells that are used in voluntary muscle actions, known as motor neurons. These are actions that we can control, such as those in the arms, face, and legs
  2. Als (tysk: Alsen) er en ø beliggende øst for Jylland med et areal på 321 km², 165 km i omkreds. Øens har et indbyggertal på 49.476, hvoraf de 27.841 (2020) bor i Sønderborg som er den største by, men som er delt af Alssund, dog med den største del af bebyggelsen på Als-siden
  3. ALS Life Sciences Ireland. Your First Choice for Analytical Testing Services. Whatever your testing requirements, be it analytical testing of food, drink, dairy, water, pharmaceuticals or any other testing matrix, ALS Life Sciences provide a comprehensive range of microbiological, food and environmental chemistry and testing services combined with industry leading technical expertise and.
  4. Many things about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, remain unclear. Without knowing exactly what causes ALS, it's hard to tell why some people get the.
  5. Eginognin hjá ALS er grundarlagið undir trygdini fyri arbeiðsloysisstuðulin. Tess størri eginognin er, tess betur er ALS fyri at standa ímóti í ringum tíðum við størri arbeiðsloysi. Niðanfyri ber til at síggja, hvussu nógv ár ALS kann rinda arbeiðsloysisstuðul, um arbeiðsloysið er eitt ávíst prosent

Bei ALS sind sowohl das obere als auch das untere Motoneuron in einer oder mehreren Körperregionen geschädigt. Woran die Nervenzellen zugrunde gehen, ist noch nicht vollständig geklärt. Fest steht, dass sich in den betroffenen Nervenzellen körpereigene Eiweiße ablagern und ansammeln, die die Zellen belasten How is ALS Diagnosed? To be diagnosed with ALS, people must have signs and symptoms of both upper and lower motor neuron damage that cannot be attributed to other causes. No single test can provide a definitive diagnosis of ALS; instead, the diagnosis of ALS is primarily based on the symptoms and signs the physician..

ALS - Fattore 2a nasce per supportare tutti i giovani medici in un percorso di crescita professionale, che intendano diventare specialisti o medici di famiglia. L'obiettivo è quello di informare e proporre iniziative a favore di questa categoria, nell'interesse dei giovani medici. Scopri di più ALS Group are contractors to the Plant Hire, Construction, Civil Construction, Mining and Property Development industries. We also offer HR Solutions and farm with cattle, game and grain */ MDA takes a big-picture perspective on neuromuscular diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), so we can work across conditions to find effective treatments and cures. With our collective strength, we encourage early diagnosis and action, support families in hometowns across the country, and uncover research breakthroughs to help everyone with ALS live longer, stronger lives

근위축성 측삭 경화증(筋萎縮性側索硬化症, 영어: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)은 수의근을 제어하는 신경세포가 소멸되는 병으로 근육이 딱딱해지고, 경련을 일으키며, 점차적으로 약해져서 그 크기가 줄어든다 ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that erodes motor neurons — cells in the brain and spinal cord that control muscular function — until it. ALS er en sykdom hvor symptomene gradvis forverres. En del pasienter vil etter hvert ha vanskeligheter med å gå fordi beina blir svake, og det kan også bli vanskelig å bruke armene. Lammelser i svelget fører til vansker med å svelge mat og drikke. Det kan også bli vanskelig å svelge spytt, noe som kan føre til sikling ALS on selkäytimessä kulkevien liikehermojen sairaus, jossa lihaksia käskyttävät liikehermot tuhoutuvat vähitellen. Tällöin tahdonalainen lihaksisto surkastuu ja heikkenee. Taudissa ei juuri esiinny tuntohermojen oireita, kuten puutumisia tai kipuja. Myöskään muisti- tai ajatustoiminnan häiriöitä ei esiinny ennen aivan loppuvaihetta

Amyotrofická laterální skleróza (ALS) je progresivní nervosvalové onemocnění, které postihuje motorické nervové buňky (tzv.motoneurony) v mozku a míše. Pokud tyto motoneurony nefungují nebo odumřou, mozek nedokáže ovládat svaly a jejich pohyby. Svaly postupně slábnou a atrofují. Jedná se o nemoc, na kterou dosud neexistuje kauzální léčba; v posledních letech však. Some people with ALS live much longer than the three to five years usually associated with this condition. Some live 10 years or more. Maintaining an optimistic outlook can help improve quality of life for people with ALS. Think beyond the physical changes. Many people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis lead rewarding lives despite physical. Øll umsóknarbløðini skulu latast ALS umvegis teldupost á als@als.fo. Ofta settir spurningar. Hevur tú ein spurning um serligu korona-skipanina, so finnur tú mest vanligu spurningarnar og svar her. In English. Please find information and FAQ in English about the special Corona wage supplement system here. ALS In februari 1995 werd de ALS Liga België vzw in het leven geroepen door enkele patiënten en hun naasten. Sinds haar bestaan ondersteunt de ALS Liga verschillende onderzoekers die mee strijd voeren tegen ALS. Daarom kunnen we met trots meedelen dat we maar liefst meer dan € 2 430 000 heeft kunnen inzamelen ter ondersteuning van wetenschappelijk onderzoek

ALS hat nichts mit MS (Multiple Sklerose) zu tun, es handelt sich um zwei völlig unterschiedliche Erkrankungen. Pro Jahr erkranken etwa ein bis zwei von 100.000 Personen an ALS. Die Krankheit beginnt meistens zwischen dem 50. und 70. Lebensjahr, nur selten sind jüngere Erwachsene betroffen. Männer erkranken etwas öfter als Frauen (1,6:1) als患者の高橋恵子さん、2017年に器官を切開していて話すことができません。 パソコンを視線で操作し無料の音声再生ソフト「マイボイス」を.

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alsが遺族に遺したもの -その2-エピソード 16 2005年9月作成. alsが遺族に遺したもの -その1-エピソード 15 2005年6月作成. 人工呼吸器を付けたalsの患者さんを在宅で看取るということ. エピソード 14 2004年3月作成. 好きな庭いじりをできる限り続けたい. エピソード 1 Looking for online definition of ALS or what ALS stands for? ALS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar ALSと診断された患者さんやご家族に向けて、ALSについての説明、症状の進行に応じたケアのしかた、生活支援システムの紹介など、患者さんと周囲の方たちを勇気づける情報をお伝えする小冊子シリーズです als(筋萎縮性側索硬化症)の基礎(alsの症状)を紹介。alsは、初めに出てくる症状によって2つのタイプに分けることができ. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a degenerative disorder of specific nerve cells of the spinal cord, brain stem and brain. It belongs to a group of disorders known as motor neuron diseases, and results in the gradual loss of voluntary muscle control leading to paralysis

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Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose (ALS) Die Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose (ALS) ist eine neurologische Erkrankung, die weltweit mit etwa ein bis zwei Neuerkrankungen pro 100.000 Menschen und Jahr auftritt und Männer etwas häufiger als Frauen betrifft *昨年の alsデーイベント『動けない・喋れない、そんな状態で生きることを望む人がいるのか?日本でも「尊厳死」法を検討すべきだ!』日本の.

Diagnosing ALS. ALS is a very difficult disease to diagnose. To date, there is no one test or procedure to ultimately establish the diagnosis of ALS. It is through a clinical examination and series of diagnostic tests, often ruling out other diseases that mimic ALS, that a diagnosis can be established Got it! This website uses cookies to help improve your experience on our website. By continuing you consent for cookies to be used. More info. Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie la

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  1. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscles
  2. als で見られる初期症状. als は、 以下の4タイプの初期症状が現れます。 それぞれ発症する部位が異なるものですが、いずれも加齢に伴う様々な脳機能障害に似た症状とも言えるため、alsの発症に気づくのが遅れてしまうことも考えられます。 上肢
  3. als:肌肉萎缩性侧索硬化症als:自动车身水平系统als:高级生命支持als:交替最小二乘法als:自动激光关闭als:酸熔铝als:乙酰乳酸合成酶als:专业移动照明品牌..

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「alsは私の経験、人脈は奪えない」 fc岐阜前社長 (2020/9/7) alsは難病だが、普通に生きられる病気――。サッカーj3・fc岐阜の前社長で、自身もalsで. Basic facts about MND, information on causes, how it is diagnosed, inherited MND and what to do if you're worried you have it ALS Worldwide welcomes any questions or comments you might have. We provide free, personalized and confidential support services to anyone in the ALS community—whether you are a patient or a loved one, friend, health care professional or caregiver of someone diagnosed Insamlingen Stoppa ALS uppmärksammade i Aftonbladet. Sebastian Penner var bara 37 år när han fick den obotliga sjukdomen ALS. I en hopplös situation bestämde han sig för att skapa hopp. - Genom Stoppa ALS har vi kunnat finansiera ett behandlingscenter för patienter från hela Sverige, säger han i en intervju i Aftonbladet ALS er en sygdom, der angriber de nerveceller i rygmarven og hjernen, som ved viljens hjælp styrer musklernes bevægelse. Der er beskrevet forskellige former for ALS, f.eks. typisk ALS, progressiv bulbær parese samt to andre beslægtede syg-domme, progressiv muskelatrofi og primær lateral sklerose

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Tüm sinir sistemini etkileyen ve yaşamı zorlaştıran ALS hastalığı çok sık rastlanmasa da, hastalığa sahip bireylerin hayatını son derece olumsuz etkiliyor ALS LTD (ALS) is an aviation company based at Wilson Airport Nairobi. ALS started operations in 1985 with One Cessna C-150 which was initially leased out to a flying school; and over the years has seen steady growth ever since. Today, as an industry leader, ALS offers a range of customized and comprehensive aviation solutions for the benefit. This MRI (parasagittal استعادة السائل الموهن بالانقلاب) demonstrates increased T2 signal within the posterior part of the محفظة غائرة and can be tracked to the subcortical white matter of the قشرة حركية, outlining the سبيل قشري نخاعي, consistent with the clinical diagnosis of ALS

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  1. About 30,000 Americans are currently battling ALS — about 0.009 percent of the country's population. The extreme rarity of ALS and the lack of public knowledge about it isolated my family during my mom's illness and contributed to my social retreat in its aftermath
  2. ALS - en förlamningssjukdom. ALS är en förkortning för amyotrofisk lateral skleros.Namnet står för negativ muskelnäring (impulser från nervsystemet) och sidoförhårdnad (innebär att de yttre delarna av hjärnstammen och ryggmärgen förhårdnas).. Fortfarande är orsaken till ALS okänd och det finns ingen bot mot sjukdomen. Däremot kan personer som insjuknar i ALS få behandling.
  3. The ALS Association -1300 Wilson Boulevard - Suite 600 -Arlington, VA 22209. The ALS Association is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law (EIN: 13-3271855)
  4. 肌萎縮性脊髓側索硬化症(英語: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ,縮寫為 ALS ),也稱為肌萎縮側索硬化症,有時也稱為盧·賈里格症(英語: Lou Gehrig's disease )、漸凍人症、運動神經元病,是一種漸進且致命的神經退行性疾病。 ALS是最常見的五種運動神經元疾病(MND)之一
  5. Amyotrofisk lateral sklerose (ALS) er en sjælden motorisk nervecellesygdom, som medfører nedbrud af neuroner.. Symptomerne er kraftnedsættelse i arme eller ben og hyperaktive reflekser (amyotrofi) i fingre, arme og ben. Der er også andre symptomer, så diagnosen ALS kan være svær at fastsætte. Nogle patienter oplever ingen ufrivillige sammentrækninger og spasticitet i arme/ben, men.
  6. #alsに関する一般一般の人気記事です。'|'1つ前の話し'|'いーことみ~つけた!!新しい出会い♪♪'|'shUU式車椅子。試作零号機!!!'|'だから、もう眠らせてほしい~安楽死と緩和ケアを巡る、私たちの物語'|'尊厳死・安楽
  7. 30歳、難病alsを受け入れる。せつなくて温かいカーシェアがはじまった. 衰えゆく筋力。車椅子を使えるのは、手が動く.
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  1. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain, brain stem and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig disease. Causes. One out of 10 cases of ALS is due to a genetic defect. The cause is unknown in most other cases
  2. als(筋萎縮性側索硬化症)の病態・治療から周辺知識、各種サポート体制など、さまざまな情報を分かりやすく紹介してい.
  3. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig's disease, it is likely that you will have questions about the prognosis for the disease. ALS has a significant impact on life expectancy, but there are treatments that can slow the loss of physical function and may extend life
  4. g. Ongeveer de helft van de getroffenen overlijdt binnen drie jaar na de diagnose. Aan de KU Leuven wordt heel wat onderzoek verricht naar deze ziekte. Een stand van zaken ter gelegenheid van Wereld-ALS-dag
  5. als (Deutsch): ·↑ Wolfgang Pfeifer: Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Deutschen, digitalisierte und aufbereitete Ausgabe basierend auf der 2., im Akademie-Verlag 1993 erschienenen Auflage. Stichwort als.· ↑ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Italienische Reise. Jazzybee, 2012 (Zitiert nach Google Books
  6. טרשת אמיוטרופית צידית (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ‏(ALS); ידועה גם בכינוי מחלת לו גריג, על שם שחקן הבייסבול שלקה בה בשנות ה-30 של המאה ה-20, או בכינוי מחלת הנוירון המוטורי (MND), ולעיתים בקיצור ניוון שרירים, היא מחלה ניוונית הפוגעת בתאי.
  7. ALS has been fighting for justice for Aboriginal people since 1970

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  1. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Lancet 2007; 369: 2031-41. PubMed. Mange miljøfaktorer er blitt vurdert som mulige risikofaktorer for ALS, men studiene på dette feltet er utilfredsstillende og har ikke gitt klare indikasjoner på sammenhengerMitchell JD, Borasio GD. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Lancet 2007; 369: 2031-41
  2. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disorder marked by progressive loss of motor neurons, muscle wasting, and respiratory dysfunction. With disease progression, secondary symptoms arise creating new problematic conditions for ALS patients. Amongst these is pain. Although not a primary consequence of disease, pain occurs in a substantial number of individuals
  3. e. Tegemist on kiiresti progresseeruva närvisüsteemi haigusega, mille esinemise sagedus on umbes 6 juhtu 100 000.
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ALS: The disease that Stephen Hawking defied for decadesNature Crazy's Top 8 Tips For Reversing ALS / Lou Gehrig’s'Someone Was Actually There For Me': Advocate Helps
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