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The Photoshop grid is an indispensable tool for creating pixel-perfect layouts and positioning items accurately. A grid looks like a wireframe mesh overlay on top of your image. The dimensions of this wireframe can be easily changed to fit your needs and canvas size. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to use and customize Photoshop [ The Grid feature in Photoshop is a great tool to assist you with your layout designs, whether its design for the web or print. Adding a Snap lets you align objects very precisely along the. Step 2: Edit the Photoshop Grid Preferences. Go to Photoshop CC > Preferences and select Guides, Grid & slices. For Windows, go to Edit > Preferences and select Guides, Grid & slices. A new window will pop up where you can edit the preferences. You can change the color of the lines and their appearance. And, more importantly.

In Expert mode, rulers, grids, and guides help you position items (such as selections, layers, and shapes) precisely across the width or length of an image. In Quick mode, only grids are available. When visible, rulers appear along the top and left side of the active window. Markers in the ruler. The Photoshop grid is an useful tool that you can use to create layout designs for web and for print.. Photoshop Grid. Use the Photoshop grid when creating layout designs like website templates, posters, flyers, magazine templates, etc.. This tool will assist you with your layout designs. You can align objects very precisely using the grid lines.. How to Add a Photoshop Grid Pixel Grid. If you Zoom into an image above 500%, a Pixel Grid is displayed on top of the image. This can be especially helpful when trying to align shapes such as rectangles so that they begin and end on a full pixel (to avoid anti-aliased edges). However, to toggle this off, you can uncheck Pixel View under View > Show Pixel Grid Hi guys, I've been spending the past two days trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing incorrectly...I've been trying to bevel a photo but I can't seem to get the grid to show up over my image. I've taken a few screenshots to show what I've selected. I even moved to a more powerful computer whe.. The problem is that 1080p, 1440p and 4K do not have the grid turn on at the same points. Meaning if you worked at 1440P and were used to th grid coming on at a certain point, in 4K it comes on a lot sooner (meaning your safety net is 30% more zoomed out than usual). So it's not a practical safety net for 4K imo

The new grid in 21.1. Oh my God. I can't stand it. Whose idea was it to make the grid be a compulsory 2px thickness?It looks actually very nice in zoomed-in mode:But it's just horrible when you zoom out. What used to be a feather-thin lattice of lines has become a solid 2px-thick mess that overwhelms everything else. When you use use lots of artboards like me (and therefore need to frequently. I just can't get photoshop to render grids in vanishing point filter to a layer in photoshop. It used to work fine earlier. Tried loading photoshop without third party add ons. Tried it with 8 bit file as well as 16 bit but no results. I am using Mac OS Sierra on a late 2015 iMac with a AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB graphics card and PS 2017 c Grid Settings. One of the best ways to produce UI assets for Xcode is to design your Photoshop layouts to an underlying retina base. Set your macro grid (columns, rows, and gutters) to whichever dimensions you prefer, but make sure you work to an underlying base set in 2 pixels increments - [Instructor] The basic premise of grids and guidesin Photoshop is that they are non-printing.They are visual aids.Every once in a while we may want to print our grid.Let's say, for example,I wanted to print this out with a grid.I'll just turn the grid on.Command or control apostrophe,so that I could transfer this as a.

Click-drag in the document to add your shape. It should snap to the Grid as the shape is drawn. Setting the Grid Options. To access the Grid Options, choose Photoshop > Preferences > Guides, Grid and Slices. For PC users, the Preferences are found under the Edit menu How to set rule of thirds grid in Photoshop, Photoshop guides tutorial. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a rule of thirds grid using Photoshop Pr.. The user can set various settings of the grid over here. Horizontal Spacing. The number in Krita units, the grid will be spaced in the horizontal direction. Vertical Spacing. The number in Krita units, the grid will be spaced in the vertical direction. The images below will show the usage of these settings. X Offse The Slices option defines the visible color of a slice, and whether Photoshop displays a number value for each slice. Work with Guides, Grid & Slices Options. Click the Edit (Win) or Photoshop (Mac) menu, point to Preferences, and then click Guides, Grid & Slices. Select the Guides options you want to use: Color

APPLY A CUSTOM GRID EFFECT TO ANY IMAGE IN PHOTOSHOP! | Learn to create a custom, exactly precise grid pattern that will automatically work perfectly with an.. Download one of the following Instagram grid layout templates we've created for you by simply clicking the below link for the arrangement you want. Once it's downloaded, open it in Photoshop.1 Row - 1 x 3 2 Rows - 2 x 3 3 Rows - 3 x 3 Once you have it open in Photoshop, it should look something like this (2x3 for reference purposes)

Photoshop Grid: In-Depth Guide to Using Grids in Photoshop

Launch Photoshop. Open the grid settings dialog box by going to Edit -> Preferences -> Guides, Grid & Slices in the menu. A Photoshop CS6 dialog is shown above. Look at the Grid area box. Choose the color by using the color selector on the right side or the dropdown. I usually use the default for color photos The Photoshop grid feature offers a convenient canned set of guidelines already nicely arranged for you at preset intervals. You can use a grid for any application where you want to align objects in a pleasing, geometrically precise arrangement. Grids share some features in common with guides but boast a few differences, too 5. Make sure you're on the right settings. Now when using the Polygon Tool, you need to make sure you have the right settings. Make sure you are on Shape. The Shape act as a Vector which means adjusting it will keep the same pixels as you transform it. You can also choose path or pixels, but shape is the most recommended Photoshop's grid tool is used for aligning objects. This grid is for capturing proportions between different size images. You can't get the same proportions with Photoshop's grid tool unless the canvas is the same size. Post by Vegar on July 21, 2009 . Excellent! Clear and well written. Thank you! Post by anubhav on July 27, 200 The 1440px Grid System is based on the 1200px Grid System by Fly Webservices and the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith. 8, 9 and 12 Columns PSD/PNG/CSS Templates. Just download the package, which fits your needs. Each package includes a PSD, PNG and a CSS template file. If you want the full fun, just grab the full package, which includes 8.

Those 3D grid lines only appear when the 3D layer is selected and the move tool is selected and the 3D layer has not yet been rendered. So either - click on another tool, click on another layer , or, if you have finished adjusting the 3D scene, render the 3D layer. Dav In a recent tutorial on Webdesign Tuts+, Amir showed us how to create a Flexible Grid script for Photoshop to take the grunt work out of setting your guides for your layout. In a similar vein, we're going to be using a Photoshop extension that will do all the heavy lifting for us — a great option, especially if creating your own custom script is a little too ambitious for your needs In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial learn how to setup your canvas to create 2D pixel art using Photoshop. Skip to main content Because you entered the proper settings for the Pencil tool, That is what grids are for. To enable a grid on your canvas, go to the View menu and under Show click the Grid option

Select photoshop → preferences → guides, grids & slices. Define grid as desired. Select view → show → grid; then check extras. Check view → snap to grid; then check snap. Turn on the Paths window if it isn't already visible. Create a new path called Horizontal. Use the pen tool (P). Define a horizontal line segment at the top of the. Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid causes new vector shapes and paths to automatically snap to Photoshop's pixel grid, ensuring precise alignment when you're designing graphics for the Web. Both these settings are turned on straight from the factory The New Guide Layout option is only available in Photoshop CC and was first introduced in the 2014 Creative Cloud updates. To use this feature, you'll need to be an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber and you'll want to make sure your copy of Photoshop CC is up to date. To follow along with this tutorial, you don't need anything fancy This is one of my favorite new features in Photoshop 2020. It's now easier than ever to warp the shapes of objects or wrap textures on to them. With a layer active, Choose Edit>Transform>Warp or press Cmd/Ctrl+T for Free transform and right click and choose warp. Once warp comes up you can choose a grid from the Tool options bar

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  1. imum system requirements
  2. When working with the vector tools (such as the shape tools), Photoshop has a preference to Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid. This preference is extremely helpful when creating shapes that need solid, straight edges as it snaps the edges of the shapes to be fully aligned to a pixel, preventing soft, anti-aliased edges). This [
  3. Facebook Ads 20% Grid Template Downloads: Illustrator AIT Template | Photoshop PSD Template | InDesign INDD Template | Powerpoint PPT Template. Finally, below is a square transparent PNG that you can overlay and transform to any image size you would like. Just copy and paste it into your image editor, and stretch it to fit your canvas.

Enabling A Grid. When creating pixel art, it is very useful to have a grid in place in order to determine where to place your next pixel. Without it, you are just blindly placing them. To turn on and configure a grid in PS, navigate to Photoshop->Preferences->Guides, Grid, Slices & Count Make sure to set Gridline every to 1 and Subdivisions. Photoshop's default settings are OK, but some of them just don't feel right. This also applies to the default unit of measurement in PS, which, as said above, is set to inches. You can change the ruler in Photoshop from showing inches to pixels by accessing the program settings How to create a new Photoshop document. To create a new document in Photoshop, we use the New Document dialog box, and there are a few ways to get to it. Creating a new document from the Home Screen. One way is from Photoshop's Home Screen. By default, when you launch Photoshop CC without opening an image, or if you close your document when no.

How To Use Photoshop Grids and Guides (Step by Step!

Conclusion. That's it, you're up and running with Grid! Let's recap the four essential steps: Create a container element, and declare it display: grid;.; Use that same container to define the grid tracks using the grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows properties. Place child elements within the container To set your preferences for the way gridlines display, you'll use the Grid and Guides window, shown below. You can get to this window by doing any of the following: Select an object, click the Home tab, and choose Arrange, then Align, then Grid Settings. Or, select an object, click the Format tab, choose Align, and select Grid Settings Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Instagram Grid. 100+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Free for commercial use High Quality Image Image via Charles T. Peden RGB images will use the tri-color spectrum to make the blended colors as well as black; meanwhile CMYK images will use the four colors in its name to create the tones, with black on its own channel. Experiment with both by converting the file to get the results you want. To see how different images turn it in both color modes, check this out below

Adjusting the Grid Settings. I hope that the last step managed to shed light on how the Grid works, but you must understand that each project you create might require setting up different Grids depending on the size of your Artboard, and the accuracy with which you want to position your elements onto it Hello there, I need some help figuring out what my current guide is set at. I've been using the same settings for a very long time but now I need to change it. I need to go back to the current settings once I'm done with the new one so I don't want to mess with it Online modular grid generator: use it to get the detailed grid and download it as a Photoshop pattern. Hint: There is some confusion about Modular Grid Pattern grid settings: Baseline - distance between the font grid rows; Module width - column width; Num of modules - the amount of column In Photoshop Elements, you can make a Rule-of-Thirds grid across your photograph. Then, check your composition, and crop if necessary. Go to Preferences. Go to Edit > Preferences > Grid (Windows) or Photoshop Elements > Preferences > Grid (Mac). Do the Following. Select a color other than black, if you wish

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Photoshop comes loaded with a number of web-focused presets. Check them out! Hit cmd+N to open the New Document window. The Preset menu contains basic web and mobile presets but is missing many common dimensions for a variety of grid systems, banners, iOS and Android devices. Take a few moments to fill the missing areas. 04. Customise default typ GuideGuide is a simple Photoshop plugin makes it easy to create a grid system in your document, hijacking the built-in guides system to create a pinpoint accurate grid according to your chosen settings. You can use negative margins for special hanging columns, separately define individual margins and gutters, and save your preferred options for.

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Download the best Photoshop freebies. Download free graphic design resources: brushes, actions, layer styles, gradients, patterns and more A script is a series of commands that tells Photoshop to perform one or more tasks. Photoshop CS4 supports scripts written in AppleScript, JavaScript or VBScript. Sample scripts are included in the Photoshop CS4 installer and get installed with the product. The latest available scripting documentation is provided below In Adobe Photoshop, the Warp tool allows you to quickly manipulate and deform images via a grid-like system of control points. In addition to images, shapes and paths can also be warped. To activate the Warp tool, select the..

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  1. Grids are horizontal and vertical lines overlaying your image. Grid lines can help you position image elements. You can display or hide grids and set grid preferences for spacing and appearance. When you display grids, they appear in all open image windows. The grid tool can be accessed from the Edit Mode/Full Editor > View > Grid
  2. Free grids for iOS, Android and Bootstrap. A free library of grid system for iOS, Android and Bootstrap. Easy way to start your project with this set
  3. Photoshop tutorial: How to use a Wacom tablet with Photoshop 15 ways to make your Wacom tablet work better and more easily with Photoshop's tools. By Tigz Rice | on September 11, 2014 Share. Share. Share. Share. Read next. Best Tablet for Art and Design. 45 best Illustrator tutorials
  4. For a detailed description of all the settings and features of this new feature check out: The New Content-Aware Fill In Photoshop CC 2019 - Complete Guide Frame Tool With the new Frame Tool , you can easily mask images by placing them into frames

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1. Make sure that you're using the latest update of Photoshop. 2. Update the display driver. Updates fix bugs and issues so you should try to do this first. If these steps don't make a difference and you still cannot activate OpenGL for Photoshop, there's one more thing to be done. 3. Make a registry tweak to force the OpenGL settings to. photo grid free download - GRID, Photo Grid for Windows 10, Photo Grid Studio for Windows 10, and many more program Photoshop Shapes are vector images that you can size up or down without degrading the image quality. which aligns vector shape edges to the pixel grid. Experiment with these features to change. ‎ENHANCE, STYLIZE AND SHARE YOUR PHOTOS WITH EASE. Tap into your creativity on the go with Photoshop Express-the fast and easy photo editor-used by millions of creative individuals. Edit pictures like the pros with this easy-to-use digital studio full of photo editing features on your mobile device Take a tour of the new features and improved vector workflow in Photoshop CS6. Julieanne demonstrates how to quickly add custom strokes and fills to Shape layers, combine shapes without rasterizing layers, and use new alignment options and Pixel Grid for better rendering

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  1. All Photoshop filters are photo effects or settings that you can apply to change the way a photograph or design looks. This tutorial provides you with a foundation for working with Adobe Photoshop filter effects and download 33 free Photoshop filters to enhance photos right now
  2. Dot Grid Photoshop Actions. This action is a modification of a traditional halftone pattern. It creates an artistic effect that keeps the colors intact. You can choose between various dot sizes, as well as between two dot styles: fixed and variable. Dot Grid Photoshop Actions Good Job! Now you know how to create a halftone texture in Photoshop
  3. If I'm getting this right, you're wanting to have the same layout including the guides? It's possible to create a template document with the guides set, with a single background layer, or as a pdf file, and both preserves the guides. For a tem..
  4. A quick 60 second tutorial explaining how to remove the grids and guides in Adobe Photoshop. The process is simple if you know where to look. You can remove the grids and guides by either using the menu or using shortcuts. The shortcut to remove the guides is : Ctrl + ; The shortcut to remove the grid is : Ctrl +
  5. To set guide and grid preferences: • Choose File > Preferences > Guides & Grid. • For Color, choose a color for guides or the grid, or both. If you choose Custom, click the color box, choose a color, as described in Using the Color palette, and click OK. • For Style, choose a display option for guides or the grid, or both
  6. Photoshop brushes let you express your creativity in a completely new way. With hundreds of Photoshop brushes available for download, you are truly spoilt for choice so there's no excuse not to use them. Here's a quick tutorial on how to install and use Photoshop brushes. Download Photoshop brush you want to use and unzip the fil
  7. This Photoshop Script has been put together to simplify the task of exporting a sprite sheet from a Photoshop file that contains Frame Animation data or a layer set containing 1 layer (or a sub-set) for each frame/sprite that you would like on the resulting sprite sheet

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Your all in one photo & video collage APP! This is the best tool to create stunning images for social media, like Instagram story Facebook posts 4. Take it to Photoshop. Then, I moved them over to Photoshop to place into a grid pattern or premade template. This can be the time-consuming part, but choosing the right spaces for the shape and pose of each child will make a big difference in the appearance of the final result Anomalously residing within the pixel-gridded world of Photoshop are a series of tools waiting to break out of the canvas' inherent squareness. Mastering these tools opens the stage for a higher level of flexibility, full of clean lines and non-destructive editing. Presented here is a guide to help you build proficiency, increase productivity and demystify the elusive world of Paths Posted on: April 1st, 2010 Author: barb.binder Category: Adobe Photoshop. by Barb Binder, Adobe Certified Instructor on Photoshop Updated Jul 6, 2017. Photoshop uses a sticky state for the Options Bar. This is good if you have favorite settings that you use all the time, and bad if you randomly pick options and then forget about them

If you are a photographer and want to use the so-called Rule of Thirds in your compositions, here's a neat trick to show it in Photoshop: Setting it up Open Edit -> Preferences -> Guides, Grid and Slice 1.2 Create a Grid. Not everyone plays D&D with a grid but even if you don't print it out, a grid layer is a useful reference when creating a map. Photoshop makes this pretty easy. Create a new image which is one inch square at the same DPI as your main map. So, for me, this is a 1 inch by 1 inch by 300 dpi image. Create a new layer The Grid - Photography Website Critiques with Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna - Episode 442 close Scott and Erik offer some critique of photography portfolio websites. Tune in for some helpful suggestions on how to improve your photography website

A Photoshop (.psd) template to plan a 3 by 3 grid. This file uses Photoshop's Generate Image Assets feature. Each artboard is sized 1080px X 1080px. To save each artboard as an image, click on File > Generate > Image Assets Photoshop stores grid and guides information for an image in an image resource block. Each of these resource blocks consists of an initial 16-byte grid and guide header, which is always present, followed by 5-byte blocks of specific guide information for guide direction and location, which are present if there are guides ( fGuideCount > 0) Adobe Photoshop CC powered by NVIDIA GPUs supercharges your most complex photo and web designs. GPU-accelerated features include a broad set of blur options, focus mask for automatically selecting the in-focus area of a photo, and up-sampling, which enables high-quality up-scaling of images Photoshop is the world's best imaging and graphic design software. Create and enhance photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork. You can add control points anywhere or divide your image with a customizable grid. Then transform by individual nodes or a larger selection. Easily change document settings and use convenient Quick Actions.

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  1. From the Layout Grid panel, you can access grid settings, such as the number of divisions, size, angle, color, and opacity of the grid. You can adjust these settings while you work and save them as a preset for future drawings and paintings. You can also move the grid to a new position. The Layout Grid also lets you divide the canvas into.
  2. Don't use the grid view very often? Then turn it into a rule-of-thirds grid. In Photo-shop, press Command - K (PC: Ctrl-K) to open your Preferences. Click on Guides, Grid & Slices from the list on the left and change the settings for the Grid section as follows: Gridline every 100 percent, Subdivisions 3, and click OK. This creates a grid that divides the image into thirds both horizontally.
  3. Open Photoshop; Select the area you want to tile (you can press 'm' for the select tool and click/drag to select an area) From the menu select Edit->Define Pattern; Name your pattern and click OK; Select the Paint Bucket tool (press 'g') Change the Source from Foreground to Pattern (see image below
  4. Photoshop on the other hand, seems to be conspicuously missing this feature. Although Photoshop doesn't have a specific bleed setting that can be applied to a document, it can still be accomplished with a little bit of forethought and pre-planning. What is bleed? Bleed is a requirement specific to print jobs
  5. A baseline grid is a grid of horizontal lines that are evenly spaced across your document. Without the grid visible it can be tricky to make your text perfectly aline across your document. A baseline grid is particularly handy for multi-column or spread-based layouts, like magazines, flyers or EPUBs, where you have multiple text frames lined up.
  6. Photoshop tutorial: Discover Photoshop CS6's new 3D tools Photoshop CS6 allows you to import 3D files, texture them, apply lighting and render objects better than before. Find out how

CSS Grid Generator is a shiny new generator coded by Sarah Drasner.The interface is super sleek and you can put together a basic CSS Grid layout in no time. I generated a 2-column grid and dumped. Stop repeating the same stages in Adobe Photoshop to receive a certain effect - use these free Photoshop actions instead. These Photoshop Actions are compatible with Photoshop CS 4-6, Photoshop CC. Just download the Photoshop action you like right now or simply bookmark the whole page of free actions for Photoshop for easy access later (Note that there are separate settings for Normal Mode and Fullscreen Mode.) The default grid appearance, set up when you install GIMP, consists of plus-shaped black crosshairs at the grid line intersections, with grid lines spaced every 10 pixels both vertically and horizontally. You can customize the.

[Grid/Ruler Settings] Dialog Box · The unit for setting grids and rulers is the [Unit] that was set when creating the canvas. · If you change the unit using [Change Image Resolution] or [Change Canvas Size] in the [Edit] menu, the unit for configuring grids and rulers will also change To start working on it, ensure you're in the Custom tab to access the settings and set your grid with the bottom slider so that you can have it as a reference. For this exercise, you're only going to need the Transform part of the panel that you'll find in the bottom right In the meantime, here's a pretty handy Bootstrap Grid for Adobe XD which you can use in your desktop projects. It's following the Bootstrap standard 1170px container grid (12 columns 67/68px wide and 30px gutters). We suggest you put down the opacity of the grid layer folder to about 10%, so that it's not bothering you too much while. Find & Download the most popular Free PSD Files on Freepik Free for commercial use High Quality Images Made for Creative Project

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UX on Photoshop (Set up your files (Adding a grid (Show grid (View ->: UX on Photoshop (Set up your files, Create dynamic shapes, Work with text, Create reusable assets, Organize content, Export Artwork Snapping will use the resolution of the displayed grid, so you have to change the scale of that. You can do that in the Properties Shelf (press N). Open Display rollout and change the scale of the grid. (For example if you use Metric system, type 0.01 and Blender will snap things to centimeters)

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Grid pattern will be made of a color (out of 64 preselected colors) or existing image on the target layer. Mighty Header & Menu Maker Show your events from a stacked List View or 3-column Grid View. Solutions for Photoshop Elements users and more. Perspective Tools 2: Create, manage perspective grids and warp layers in perspective The Global Settings and Program Settings tabs include a list of features that you can set. The actual features that appear depend on the graphics card and application. Ambient Occlusion enhances depth perception and adds realism to 3D scenes by providing a soft shadow effect to objects based on their placement in the scene If you're used to clicking the crop tool dragging the tool over your image and pressing Enter, it may surprise you to know that there are other options that you can use when cropping in Photoshop. Here are my five best-kept secrets of the Photoshop crop tool. 1. Rotate as you Crop When you drag [

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photo grid free download - Photo Grid, Photo Grid, GRID, and many more program 2. Customizing a Perspective Grid. If you create your own perspective grid, you save it as a preset (New!) for use later. You can create a perspective grid by using the Define Grid command to set exacting measurements and options or by manually adjusting an existing grid, and then saving it as a preset, which you can edit at any time With the grid still selected, in the Transform palette enter 1.5 in the W (width) text box and 1.5 in the H (height) text box. Press Enter or Return to apply the changes. You can also draw a grid precisely by selecting the grid tool, clicking in the artwork to display the Rectangular Grid tool Options dialog box, and then setting values Adobe Photoshop CC comes with more tools for adding or correcting distortions than you may realize, especially if you're new to Photoshop. This set of tools has grown steadily over the history of Photoshop, so let's walk through them to understand why each is a useful part of your Photoshop toolkit

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  1. سریال و فیلم‌های سینمایی. گیم. ورزش
  2. However, you can also export vector layers from Photoshop by right clicking on a layer and selecting Copy SVG and pasting in XD. #3 — 10 px nudge 10 px grid. In Adobe XD, you can.
  3. The Photoshop Training Channel is a Photoshop resource site for beginners. PTC was founded in July 2012 by Jesús Ramirez. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other Photoshop resources that allows beginners to improve their skills
How can I recreate a graph paper grid in PhotoshopSetting a Baseline Grid With GuideGuide for PhotoshopPhotoshop Grid Pattern - YouTubeHow to Set Up Your Photoshop Grid

Buy this Camera here: In this Photoshop Tips and tricks tutorial i will show you how to use color in adobe or windows. Contact No - 09334029817 Email - sabkesabseekhenge@gmail.com Tagged: adobe , background color , Color , color picker in photoshop , color settings , Foreground Color , photoshop color settings , photoshop tips. Note that these settings are my own particular preference. When you're creating your own document, it's possible you'll be provided with a grid that's already been created for the publication. If not, you get to create one yourself! Experiment with different combinations of rows, columns, and gutters to see what works best for you To snap images to the layout grid. To change layout grid settings. To save a custom layout as a template. To rotate an image in a layout. To position an image in a layout Printing CMYK color separations. To print CMYK color separations. Understanding printing Sharing photos E‑mailing photos

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